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Data analytics is the science of curating, cleaning, and analyzing raw data in order to make conclusions and provide customers with business insights. Data analysis reveals trends and metrics that would otherwise be lost in the many pools of data stored in different systems within an organization.

Data management involves a broad range of tasks, and includes the processes of collection, management, and usage of data in a secured and cost-effective fashion.

Data that is available and optimized for analysis can be used in various business intelligence tools to gain valuable insights and drive strategic decision making.

DataConnectX takes care of your data, so that you can take care of your business!


Data Management services

Data Cleansing and Migration

Most businesses often face this challenge: When a switch to a new application or database is made, data records need to be cleaned up, transformed, and migrated to the new platform. This is a process often referred to by the term ETL – Extract, Transform, and Load. DataConnectX is a specialist in ETL, and we make use of big data tools and programming to get the job done fast and efficiently!

Analytics and Business Intelligence

DataConnectX converts unstructured or raw data into a meaningful format, enabling customers to make data-driven decisions with the help of aggregation, analysis, and visualization of data. Experience in a variety of business intelligence tools, including Excel, Power BI, QuickSight, and Tableau.

Data Management Strategy

Cloud Backup and Migration

Your data is an asset! DataConnectX assists small business teams to establish and implement strategies for data management. Secure your data and stay compliant by backing up your application data to the cloud. DataConnectX also assists customers who are migrating any databases or workloads to the AWS Cloud. Learn more about our AWS Cloud Consulting services here.

Process and Workflow Automation

DataConnectX helps customers streamline their business processes by automating workflows and movement of data. With tools and technologies available in the cloud today, it is possible to establish cost effective and efficient analytics and operational workflows, which run parallel to your current business systems without changing or affecting the current system. In other words, make better use of your data without changing your current system! Give us a call to find out more!

Intelligent Document Processing

Capture, classify and extract information from documents in any format. Many data assets within an organization is unstructured, and most of it is locked in documents in a variety of formats, such as email, text, PDF, and images. Using machine learning technology, documents are intelligently processed and key information can be extracted. This enables our customers to automate and optimize their document management.

Advanced Search Solutions

Lightning fast and advanced search solutions for websites, documents, catalogs, and applications. Using the latest technologies in data indexing, we can help customers with search functionality like the dynamic display of results as you type, searching on the content of scanned documents like PDFs, and advanced capabilities to flexibly search on keywords and key information automatically extracted from documents and data records.


What is Big Data?

Gartner defined big data as “three V’s; high Volume, high Velocity, high Variety.

A strategy for big data is becoming more and more important for Small to Mid-sized Businesses. SMBs are beginning to see big data as something more than just an enterprise trend, and they realize that they can identify trends, patterns and gain competitive advantage by harnessing the power of growing data volumes.

Nearly all organizations face the challenge of having pools of data in different silos. Due to the variety of data sources and the lack of a shared structure these pools of data are not easily consolidated using traditional tools. But big data tools are well equipped to turn complex information into simple pieces of knowledge. They allow you to collect tiers of data in any form into a Data Lake and extract bits of information relevant to analytics and reporting.

Data Lakes and Analytics are ideal workloads to be deployed in the cloud, because the cloud provides performance, scalability, reliability, availability, a diverse set of big data tools and analytic engines, and massive economies of scale.

DataConnectX specializes in data and analytics solutions in AWS Cloud.

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