Data Analytics

Translating Data into Stories! Data Analytics and Data Management services help customers make sense of the vast quantities of data from various sources and in various formats that are available today.

Read more about data analytics and data management services offered by DataConnectX HERE.

Systems Support

Simple systems support. No contracts, no monthly fees! Most small business owners often experience frustrations or problems with systems, websites, cloud, databases or reporting, but they do not have IT staff or dedicated support providers. If you need an IT expert for an ad-hoc task, problem solving, or advice, reach out to DataConnectX! The conversation is free. Pricing is straightforward, affordable and billed in reasonable half hour increments. Read more about our systems support services here.

Cloud Consulting

Helping small business teams and individuals understand the cloud better.

Assisting customers who are transitioning their data workloads to the cloud, and helping them navigate the AWS infrastructure. 

Architecting and management of cloud solutions by an AWS Certified Solutions Architect to enable customers to reap the full benefits of cloud.

Demystifying The Cloud​

Most of us interact with the cloud in business, and in our personal lives, on a daily basis. But the cloud can be confusing!

Do you find yourself struggling to keep up with ever changing technology? DataConnectX helps people understand the cloud better! Have a look at “Demystifying The Cloud” video to get started!

DataConnectX offers consulting for small business teams and individuals to set up their cloud systems to maximize the collaboration and mobility benefits of the cloud.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 for Business makes it possible for teams to collaborate in efficient and more productive ways, from anywhere, on any device.

DataConnectX helps customers implement Microsoft 365, and all the powerful collaboration tools it offers.

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