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DataConnectX offers a range of data management, data analytics, cloud consulting, and general support services.

Simple systems support – Most small business owners often experience frustrations or problems with systems, websites, cloud, databases or reporting, but they do not have IT staff or dedicated support providers. For those customers, DataConnectX is an IT expert on call, able to assist with ad-hoc tasks, problem solving, or systems advice. 

Data management services include data cleansing, data integration between different or isolated systems, data migration between systems and platforms, automation of data workloads, and cloud strategies for effective data management.

In the areas of data analytics and business intelligence, DataConnectX helps customers with data analysis, operational reporting, predictive analytics, reports, visualizations and dashboards.

DataConnectX also helps customers understand the risks and benefits of the cloud, assists with transitioning data workloads to the cloud, and helps customers to establish good data management practices in the cloud.

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DataConnectX is a member of the Southern Chester County Chamber of Commerce.

About the founder

Hello, I’m Yolande Raath, the founder of DataConnectX. 

I provide customers with insights into their data, and help them understand the cloud and establish good data management practices in the cloud.

I have a particular passion to serve individuals, non-profit organizations and small business owners, who often face frustrations with data and systems, but don’t have access to a dedicated IT team.

Core Competencies

Amazon Web Services:

My focus in AWS over the last three years has been on Computing, Data Lakes, Big Data and Analytics, Serverless Architectures, and Machine Learning. 

Solutions built in AWS include the following products and services: EC2, Glue, S3, Athena, QuickSight, AWS Lambda, API Gateway, CloudFront, DynamoDb, CloudWatch, SageMaker, CloudFormation, Step Functions, ElasticSearch Service, Cognito, Amplify, IAM, VPC, Auto Scaling, security and networking.

I hold current certifications as an AWS Cloud Practitioner, and an Associate AWS Solutions Architect.

Data Analytics:

In addition to the AWS products and services that are ideal for data analytics and machine learning workloads, I use the following frameworks and technologies: Python, SQL, Apache Spark, Jupyter, Databricks, Microsoft Excel, Power BI and Tableau. 

Web Development and Application Frameworks:

I also have experience building websites and web applications using modern frameworks and technologies including Javascript, Node.js, React, Serverless, Docker, AJAX, PHP, SQL, jQuery, Express, REST APIs, live chat, CRM, WordPress, Stripe, Paypal, and Git.

Education and experience

I have started my career in Information Technology after I’ve obtained a Bachelor of Science (Honours) Cum Laude in Computer Science in 1997 from the University of Pretoria in South Africa, my country of birth.

I enjoyed a 15 year career as an SAP ABAP Consultant, working on various SAP Implementation and Maintenance projects. I was privileged to gain experience across all SAP Modules, including HR, Payroll, FI, MM, SD, PM with customers including Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, T-Systems, debis Fleet Management, Bosch, and Powertech.

Our family moved to the United States in 2012. After our move, I have made the decision to step away from the corporate environment. I immersed myself in learning new skills, specifically in the landscape of web development and data analytics. Since then, I have helped and still support several non profit organizations and ministries with websites and general IT support on a volunteer basis.

In 2018, I have decided to start a small business, DataConnectX. My mission is to support local businesses and to help make communities stronger. I am honored that I can contribute and add value by doing what I love – working with systems and data!

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