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"Most of us interact with the cloud in business, and in our personal lives, on a daily basis. But the cloud can be confusing!

Do you struggle to keep up with ever changing technology? DataConnectX helps people better understand the cloud! Have a look at "Demystifying The Cloud" video to get started!

I also advise small business teams and individuals to set up their cloud systems to maximize the collaboration and mobility benefits of the cloud!

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It is important to always store copies of data elsewhere. In other words, have at least one backup of your valuable data. But I want to go further than just answer that question. My mission is to help people understand what the cloud is, how it works, and what their options are, to position them to fully understand and commit to a data management strategy.

In this next video I’ll discuss a simple data management strategy for small and medium sized businesses that will ensure that you stay in control of your data in the cloud.

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