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IT Services & Solutions

For Small Businesses

Helping businesses implement software applications that enable them to streamline their business processes, collaborate more efficiently and serve their customers better

Software/Cloud Consulting

DataConnectX assists businesses and individuals to make the most of what modern cloud software applications and services offer.

Business leaders without access to dedicated IT teams often find it challenging and time consuming to navigate the path of digital transformation. DataConnectX provides strategy and helps small businesses find the right software solutions to organize information and processes, become more efficient, and collaborate securely with their teams and customers.

Read more about the Four-Step Framework for Digital Transformation.

DataConnectX takes care of every step of the process of onboarding new cloud software solutions: finding the best fit, implementing the software, configuring to business requirements, performing migration of data records, training staff, and offering technical support.

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Tech Support

Simple on demand tech support. No contracts, no monthly fees! Businesses often need guidance with software, websites, cloud, data processing and reporting requirements, but they do not always have access to IT staff or dedicated support providers. If you are in need of an expert for IT related tasks, reach out to DataConnectX! The conversation is free. Pricing is straightforward and reasonable. Read more about systems support services offered by DataConnectX HERE.

Simple IT support. No contracts. No monthly fees. Just an expert on call!

Data Analytics

Translating Data into Stories! Data Analytics and Data Management services help customers make sense of the vast quantities of data from various sources and in various formats that are available today. 

Data analytics is the science of curating, cleaning, and analyzing raw data in order to make conclusions and provide customers with business insights. Data analysis reveals trends and metrics that would otherwise be lost in the many pools of data stored in different systems within an organization.

DataConnectX offers data analysis, data cleansing, data integration, reporting and business intelligence dashboards.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 for business makes it possible for teams to collaborate in efficient and more productive ways, from anywhere, on any device. Learn more about Microsoft 365 for business

DataConnectX helps customers implement Microsoft 365, and all the powerful collaboration tools it offers.

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